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So What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the “process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines” according to Searchengineland.com. Although it is a very complex process, it is essentially broken down into ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ factors.

On-page SEO is making sure that the structure of the site and it’s layout is the best it could be for the search engine bots to crawl and of course user-friendly for your website visitors. This includes your URL structure, page titles, headers, page descriptions, images and content. These are discussed in more detail in our on-page SEO section.

Off-page SEO focusses on activity away from your website and how it points back to your domain. This includes links from other websites, videos and social media activity. Links are a huge factor in the search engine algorithms… The number of links (or votes) and the quality of those links coming in to your business website play a huge part in where you are ranked.

The algorithm of the main player, Google is the most sophisticated of the three. It takes hundreds if not thousands of factors into consideration when deciding where to place your site. No matter how many updates are made however, it’s main goal remains clear – user experience. Google is a private business and has a reputation to protect –  so has to make sure the results it serves up are what the ‘Googler’ is searching for. Quality and unique content that brings true value to the user is essential if you want your site to climb onto that first page. How fast your site loads and how easy it is to use on a mobile device are now also important factors in ranking.

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Local SEO Factors

On the first page of Google just below the ads at the top, you should see three business listings accompanied by a map. If you have setup a ‘Google My Business’ account and optimized it well, you will show up here for local searches. Google takes into consideration; relevance of the business, optimization of the business account, number and quality of reviews, and of course distance from the searcher. To learn how to rank in maps, see our map ranking section.

Is SEO For You?

‘Not always’ is the truthful answer! Many companies will always try and sell you SEO when your business is just not a good fit for it. Investing in a search engine marketing project is not cheap and it’s crucial that you know your numbers so you will get a good return on your investment. See our Is SEO Right For Your Business page to see how we analyse whether it’s the correct strategy. If you would like us to carry out an analysis on your business, then contact us for your free consultation where we dig deep into the numbers for your business and feedback with a detailed ROI projection. If it turns out the numbers don’t work, no hard feelings – we don’t take money from businesses if we can’t get them the return they need. If we end up working together, great! If not, it is still advisable to put these ranking essentials into practice to help with your website presence in the search engines.

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