Free 30 Day SEO Trial?


Firstly, forget the complexity of  Google’s algorithm – above all else, what they really care about is relevance and value. They are a private company and have a reputation to protect – Serving poor results won’t do them any favours. If your site is not relevant to what is being searched for and it provides nothing valuable to the user, you won’t rank! Once you understand this, these are the 4 things you must get right to get on that first page:


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Our process is very simple; You fill in a form, then we jump on the phone for a 30minute strategy call. After finding out more about your business, we give you a month’s Free SEO trial – where we improve your rankings as much as possible in this short time. At the end of this period, we send you a proposal to continue. If you want to continue, that’s great! If not, you can walk away and there will be no hard feelings. We have put this process in place as a result of speaking with many prospective clients whose biggest concern with SEO/online marketing companies was trust. We believe this “try before you buy” process will instil confidence and ease those concerns before putting your hand in your pocket. We look forward to working with you!
Russell Parry, Founder


You give us some basic details and book your slot for your strategy phone call.



3O minute phone call where we find out more about your business and your expectations for SEO marketing.



We do your SEO for 1 month, completely free of charge. This is our chance to get you fast results and prove we are the real deal.



We compile a written and video proposal for us to continue working with you. This includes strategies and an ROI analysis.



You either decide you want to continue with our services or you walk away. No obligation.


Is Your Site Mobile Friendly and Is It Fast?

With now over 60% of searches being done on the move, mobile friendly websites are now becoming increasingly important. Is your site easy to use on a moving train or walking down the street? Ease of navigation, size of icons and image and text scale are very important. If Google serves us a poor site on page one, it is them who look bad, so they are now punishing sites if they don’t measure up. Similar factors for load speed. If a site is slow, users get bored waiting and jump out. It is all about user experience for Google and if your site doesn’t provide a good one, you won’t rank. Check your mobile friendliness and load speed here.

Is Your On-Page SEO On Point?

Many Cape Coral businesses often focus on too many other factors before first addressing the basic SEO foundations. First you need to make sure the URL structure of your site is solid and optimized for the keywords you are trying to rank for. Secondly, the content of your pages must be well laid out and optimized. This includes titles, descriptions, headers and tagged images. Your should also make sure your keywords are sprinkled throughout your site with the correct density and you have relevant inner linking within your site. Again, Google is looking for purposeful navigation and a great overall experience for the user.

Are You In The “Snack Pack”?

Below the ads and above the organic listings on the first page of Google, you will see 3 map listings. There used to be 10 spots but now it’s only 3 – meaning the competition is a lot tougher. Firstly you must make sure your ‘Google My Business’ profile is optimized properly for your chosen keywords. Secondly you should build plenty of high quality citations. Citations are listings of your business name, address and phone number on directory sites across the internet. These should be a combination of local in Cape Coral and also national directories. When serving up a map result, Google takes into account location of searcher to your business and also of course relevance.

Do You Have Videos On Your Site?

People love to watch videos! I won’t go into all the statistics of how it increases conversions etc, but the bottom line is – they grab peoples’ attention. Having videos on your web pages will keep people on your site longer. This of course will help with converting them into a customer (if you provide value of course), but will also help your SEO. If Google sees people spending more time on your site and engaging with what you have to say, they see your site as having more value. If a user has typed in a search term, found your site and they are spending lots of time on there, Google sees the result they have served is very relevant and will credit you with higher rankings.

Do You Have A Social Presence?

You may have been trying to avoid social media for a while now, hoping it would go away… well, it’s here to stay and is now stronger than ever. You may think it’s not suitable for the type of business you are in. The truth is that social media can be leveraged in many ways – to post offers, events, engage with your customers or just spread brand awareness. There are so many platforms to choose from these days, the options are limitless. It can also be important for SEO. Interaction on social media that links back to your blog or website will generate extra traffic, more engagement and better positioning in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

What Is Your Backlink Profile?

Incoming links to your website is still Google’s biggest ranking factor, especially in more competitive industries. This part of Google’s algorithm is almost like a voting system… The more votes you have, the more popular you are portrayed. However, all votes are not considered equal – some have considerably more weight than others. For example, a link from a brand new website would not have the same power or trust as say or The goal is to have as many links from as many different sources as possible, large sites, small sites, directories, social media sites and blogs. Obviously the more from higher quality sources the better, but these are not always easy to acquire.