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First of all, I must be clear when I say that SEO is not always a good fit for a business. Many so called SEO companies are constantly trying to sell their services to every man and his dog, when in fact they haven’t even analysed the company or market to see if it is a suitable strategy. The one thing that every business owner wants regardless of the strategy is a return on their investment (ROI). To see if there is an ROI from investing in SEO we must first dig deeper into the numbers.


Search volume of the desired keywords is the first thing we need to look at. The easiest way to collect this data is by downloading the Keywords Everywhere extension for the Google Chrome browser. Once installed, when you type in a search term in the Google search bar, the volume of monthly searches for this keyword will appear just below the box.

Once we have a list of keywords we want to rank for and their monthly search volume we can move on to the next stage – Projecting how many visits our site will receive when we are ranked in various positions. Once we know traffic, it’s then about calculating website conversion rates, business close rates and how much each new client is worth to the business. Putting all these metrics into our analysis we can calculate what the monthly revenue will be when our site is ranked in various positions. We then factor in the monthly cost of our SEO services and we have a detailed ROI projection. Our full analysis and ROI projection technique is explained in detail in the video above.

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